Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

Filipa Oliveira

Award winning jeweller Filipa Oliveira graduated in 2011 with 1st class honours in Jewellery Design from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. She launched her first collection Black … Continue reading

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Auste Arlauskaite

  “I find inspiration for my art in fairy-tales, illustration, nature, childhood dreams and antique silversmithing and jewellery. I want the wearer to feel that my jewellery is organic, alive … Continue reading

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Rhona McCallum

Rhona’s work explores natural line and surface. Using heat to texture, colour and tarnish metal, she combines an unpredictable surface finish with controlled and restricted linear forms. Layering and repetition … Continue reading

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Kirsty Fraser

  Kirsty draws her inspiration from architectural forms and the subtleties of enclosed negative spaces combined with her own photography and digital laser cutting. Her fascination with geometric and angular shape formations, patterns and … Continue reading

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Alice Bo-Wen Chang

Alice approaches jewellery design as constructing spaces on the topographic body contours. By using repetitive patterns and modules creatively, her work develops and grows organically and the countless variations are … Continue reading

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Bekki Churcher

Bekki’s collections to date are greatly inspired by St Peters Seminary, Cardross, Scotland. The abandoned brutalist building changes and surprises you as you walk around it and has many unexpected characteristics that … Continue reading

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Mariko Sumioka

  Mariko is inspired by Japanese traditional architecture, which is an essential part of human lives as a central part of a culture and a place where people have basic … Continue reading

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